UCS: The file name is invalid as it contains spaces.

“The file name is invalid as it contains spaces.  Please rename the license file and try again”

This message is a bit misleading when trying to upload your new port license to your fabric interconnect.  It could very well be your ‘file’ that has the error, but what do you do if you get this message and your license file doesn’t contain spaces?

Put the license file in a directory path that contains no spaces.  That should clear up the issue.


ie: c:\license.lic


UCS 2.2.(1b) is now out!

Cisco has released an update for UCS.  Find the release notes below:


Is your vNUMA working?

Is your VM experiencing performance issues? When accessing memory in a NUMA based machine the CPU can access local memory to the CPU or remote memory.  Local memory is always preferable.  I came across this the other day…If you have your CPU Hot add/remove enabled vNUMA will be disabled for the VM.  Applications such as SQL may cause numa thrashing if they are using large amounts of memory and are not aware of the underlying NUMA of the physical host.


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